In 2011 i was found guilty of sexual assault of a minor. Wrongfully. It was a complete misscarriage of justice. The prosecutor changed the word ” buttocks” to “anus” and this allowed the conviction. You see sexual assault involves the intentional touching of the anus or vulva however slight. Because the prosecutor made this change and the judge allowed this to happen i was convicted. I was totally confused in the courtroom. My lawyer told me to say guilty and i did. The biggest mistake of my life. The judge didn’t let me withdraw the plea. I had a hearing on march 15th 2012 to agree to a new plea after the alleged victim recanted and said i didn’t do anything. At the plea hearing everyone agreed to a new plea of sexual abuse which carried 3 years but i would get time served. The judge called everyone to his chambers and then denied the new plea. This hearing was illegal as well. I then was sentenced to 8 years in prison. I did over 7 and i have 10 years federal probation. Life is very hard. I lost both appeals because i had federal attorneys but i should have won. On the first appeal the judges said there was plain error. They denied it. This is illegal as well because if there is plain error they have to reverse. I want to file a 2255 appeal but i need money to pay for the attorney. I also could use help getting back on my feet as i lost everything. My family of 4 kids is gone. It will never be the same. Please help me. Please send all donations to Capital Credit Union in Shawano wisconsin. THANK YOU.

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